There’s A Long Road Ahead.


Dr. Suess once wrote:

                “Today, you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

This quote is my lifeline. Be yourself, and you can never lose.  I am myself. An 18-year-old girl, obsessed with money, diamonds, the colour purple, Chris Hemsworth and shopping, and if someone were to ask me how my life is at this particular moment, I would say that I am right where I need to be. I’m content with life and feel pleased that I can honestly say I did not make a mistake when I decided I wanted to go to University to study Communication and Media Studies.

The media is one tangled web of mischief and chaos. There are so many angles and twists and turns that it’s kind of hard to keep up. I find myself fascinated with how everything works in the world of media production and throughout these past few weeks I have enjoyed learning new things about various aspects of the media and rediscovering knowledge I forgot that I had.

Though I was never really an ‘active’ user of Twitter, I have admittedly come to enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas via the social networking website as well as reading the updates of my fellow BCM students.  Admittedly, I have also used Twitter to stalk my favourite celebrities. And I don’t feel lame at all…Okay, maybe a little…

Society’s developments amaze me, and it has been interesting finding out so much of how the media can or may implicate an individual’s perceptions, beliefs or views. Technology has allowed for society to become more connected than ever. With these new found connections people can communicate effectively and pass on media content across borders and oceans with whoever they desire. I love that there are so many possibilities and so many ways to stay connected.

At first, I was weary and questioned whether or not I would ever succeed in an area so different from what people ‘expect’ of me. I asked myself, ‘what if’? What if I don’t get a job or I fail or get lazy and give up? Then I realised that it is entirely up to me.

I have been told in the past to ‘do what you love’ and that this is the key to happiness, and happiness is the key to success. Introduction to Communication and Media Studies has reinforced my love of writing and communicating, and has taught various things in such a short space of time that I am eager to continue with my studies as soon as possible.


Love Beth.



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