Controversy In Images

In today’s day and age, the Internet is our go-to source for various reasons. Whether you want to connect with peers via social media or shop for anything and everything, the World Wide Web seems to have endless uses. With the influx of social media outlets over the past decade, users of the Internet have been granted the ability to become more socially involved in producing content for fellow ‘prosumers’. We can upload images and videos and express our opinions “freely” as we wish. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same ideals as the next, and often this causes a little bit a whole lot of drama.

Controversial material is forever being uploaded to the internet. People, no matter what, will always is some way be offended by someone or something, somewhere online. Which really isn’t surprising.

Maria Kang, a mother of three and former beauty pageant and fitness competitor, experienced the backlash of the online world after uploading this image to her Facebook page just last year.

At first look, it seems Kang is attempting to ‘motivate’ or ‘inspire’ women to exercise and eat healthy. Perhaps her intentions were good.The image itself was not so much the cause of drama, as was the slogan ‘What’s Your Excuse?’ which had a lot of people (mainly women) with their ‘knickers in a twist’ claiming the image was derogatory and demeaning to women who struggle with weight and health issues.Some even accused the self-confessed ‘fitness enthusiast’ of being a “bully”.

Ms. Kang made an appearance on ‘The Kelly File’ shortly after the image was released where she expressed her intentions.

Kang has since uploaded another controversial image.





One thought on “Controversy In Images

  1. This is a really great example of controversial imagery! It is so typical of women being their own worst enemies.. Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow our our shared gender made us MORE tolerant of each other instead of less.. I remember when that image came out and was quite frankly just confused above anything else. It’s absolutely none of her business how women look, feel, experience childbirth or experience anything at all for that matter. If a woman isn’t the same shape as her it doesn’t affect her in the slightest but through using a social media platform like Facebook to belittle women who may have different priorities in life, she has gone out of her way to negatively affect others. Ergh, she sucks.

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