Our Technological Companions

Media technologies are forever developing and evolving. There seems to be no end to the possibilities that have been bestowed upon society today, due to how advanced the media world has become.

Strength in media devices has been secured with the concept of ‘media convergence’. According to Wikipedia, media convergence ‘refers to the merging of both old and new media and can be seen as a product, a system or a process’. Mobile phones, in particular, are perfect examples of converged media devices. They are small, yet diverse instruments complete with numerous other technologies, especially the types we see in the market today. These newly developed phones consist of various devices, and are not limited to just making calls and sending text messages. Other technologies which may be found incorporated into mobile phones today include clocks, calculators, MP3 players, video recorders, cameras, GPS systems, documenting software and most recently finger scanning devices, as seen as a feature of the new iPhone 5s. Smart phone users can also retrieve apps, which add extra content to their devices. These extensions allow numerous possibilities and turn a simple mobile device into something far more intricate and developed.

The internet is also something now accessible on our mobile phones. We can research and browse, just like we do on computers and laptops, from our phones, as well as access our social media profiles on websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media has become a major part in society today, and mobile phones make it possible to stay connected nearly all of the time.

We no longer need to buy several technologies, as they are all available on one device. This is convenient and efficient for today’s society. People are drawn-in by the latest gadgets, and our busy lives require some sort of assistance. We use our phones to manage our schedules, lighten workloads, keep track of time and plan events. These abilities are necessary in everyday life and with the constant developments within the world of media technologies, we can expect great things from the future.

Love Beth








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