An Apple A Day…

The world is roaring with the billions of dollars worth of technology products now available on the market. There are Smart phone’s, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, portable music players, laptops and computer. I bet you would not be able to find one person today who does not own at least one of these things. It’s incredible the abilities society has been granted due to the developments in technology over the past decade.

People love to be connected. And what better way is there to stay connected, than with the wonderful technological advancements we are showered with within the world today? In this day and age, it’s kind of strange if you don’t have some sort of fancy gadget glued to your side all of the time.

Mobile phones are EVERYWHERE. They’re our little digital companions that we just cannot live without. I know that my phone is like a child to me. If I lost/broke it, I would most probably cry, curl up in a fetal position in the corner of a dark room and rock back and forth for eternity…or until I got a new one of course…

I use my phone for nearly everything; obviously for the standard calls and text messages, but also to compose my blog notes, listen to music, take adorable pictures of my dog and access my Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is media convergence at its finest. My phone incorporates numerous other technologies into one incredibly smart device. There are so many possibilities and different ways to connect with my friends and family with a simple, yet complex, mobile phone. I can be in a hundred places at once, and that is a pretty cool idea.

One problem with the constant changes in media technology is the rapid rate each “new” and “improved” model of a product is introduced. We are obsessed with having the best, or at least what we think is the best, of whatever new gadget is available. for purchase. A great example of this is Apple and how the company is constantly developing the next and best version of the iPhone.

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There seems to be no end to this string of mobile phones, as well as the millions of people, including myself, who love to indulge on Apple gadgets. It’s a tad hard to keep track of the various editions to the iPhone family, and to me, each version is not much different from the last. I mean, are there really any major differences between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s? Not really.

Our gadgets have become extensions of ourselves. Maybe we don’t “need” them, but we would be incredibly lost if they were no longer available to us.

Love Beth


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