Twitter is a wonderful online world where fans can communicate on a more personal level with their favourite celebrities. Seems crazy to think that we are now able to ask our idols directly, pretty much anything we want, like what they had for breakfast, what their plans are for the holidays or whether or not they like cheese. I don’t know. Whatever…

Fans love to interact with celebs. I know I would die if I finally, after all my hard work tweeting, got a reply from Miley Cyrus (I just want to know a good twerking technique). Not everyone is lucky enough to have a member of one direction or ‘the’ Lady Gaga respond personally via Twitter.Some people will try just about ANYTHING to get even the smallest acknowledgment from the famous. Some people are kind, and tweet words of encouragement and praise. Others, well, they’re just plain mean.

Take a look at the segment ‘Celebs Read Mean Tweets’ from ‘Jimmy Kimmel’. It cracks me up every time…

We may use Twitter, not only to express our love for a celeb, but also to completely ridicule and criticise them. Social networking is a powerful weapon and words can cut like knives. People tend to forget the fact that celebrities are normal people (kind of) and they have feelings, just like the rest of us. Twitter is the perfect place to let a certain famous face know exactly how you feel about them or something they’ve done.

I would love to be that person who encourages others to be kind via social media, and in most cases I am. But some things are just way too funny.

But, we should still be nice to each other…

Twitter has opened up so many doors of communication and has provided a whole world of possibilities. A large world suddenly doesn’t seem as such when we have social networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook to engage across oceans. I love this idea and the fact that there is a chance, even if it is as small as a pin head, that we may get to talk to someone has fabulous as Kim Kardashian, or as nutty as Charlie Sheen. Maybe one day, I will even get a reply from Miley.

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